Academic Freedom and the future of a Diverse Management School are under attack at UoL

On January 18th, staff in UoL School of Business were surprised to learn of decisions to change the future strategic priorities of the School. 16 academics were notified that they are at risk of redundancy due to this surprise change.

Without consultation with AD of Research or Research Leads the Dean decided that the School will be “divesting from research in Critical Management Studies and Political Economy”. No proper evidence or data supporting the need for this decision has been given. Nor was an objective and fair criteria for the selection of those at risk provided.

This attack on academic freedom, on the historical legacy of the School and its international reputation, has led to an outpour of national and international support from across the academic community, our students and our alumni.

This webpage collates updates and relevant information about the campaign against this attack and for holding the leadership of the School to account. Stand with us for #AcademicFreedom and for #ResponsibleManagement outside and inside our institutions.

an outpour of condemnation👇

Information about the flawed process👇